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GoodTown is a public reporting app and data gathering initiative developed with our sister company, Diginido Labs LLC. It's an easy to use, 3 step process for everyone to report suspected human trafficking or exploitation in their communities. Deep knowledge of the issue is not required. All information is collected anonymously, distributed on the heat map below, and used to inform policy initiatives and build community awareness.

Solving the issue takes community involvement. If you have observed possible signs of labor or sexual exploitation/trafficking or suspect it is happening in your community, you can now have a way to help bring attention to the issue.

Download the app and help us fight human trafficking and modern day slavery. Let's make every town a GoodTown!


Scroll and zoom on the map to discover where human trafficking or exploitation may be occurring in your neighborhood. 

Help us turn every town into a GoodTown by downloading the app and reporting what you see happening around you.


zeusjuice makes finding and sharing accessible power outlets fast and easy for our unhoused friends and neighbors. ZJ was developed with our sister company, Diginido Labs LLC, and is based on our proprietary crowdmapping engine, CARTIDO, which is used to crowdmap useful street knowledge. 


Download the app and search the map for power outlets near you or share the location of power outlets you know about. It's that simple!

Don’t want to use the app? No problem. We’ve got you covered with SMS.

Text your street address or a local monument to 415-466-8808 and we’ll tell you the address and description of the nearest free-to-use power outlet.

And don’t forget to look for Trikey on the map. Trikey roams around sometimes to offer mobile power to everyone. Trikey loves attention!

Download the app and bring POWER TO THE PEOPLE!


Safe Storage

Safe Storage is a community empowerment initiative to bring accessible storage to those navigating life on the streets, in shelters, or in refugee encampments. 

Storage units are collapsible/expandable for rapid deployment and can be used as permanent installations or in the field. 

We have partnered with the San Jose State EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service) program. Seniors earn credit for their senior capstone project while giving back to the community.

Joshua Primero

Chief Technology Officer Full stack developer, Java, JSP, AWS (cloudfront / S3 / Lambda/DDB), Javascript, React Redux, Firebase, node JS, AMP